If  you have any concerns or issues that need to be discussed, please email the club secretary secretary.cads@gmail.com

Club Discipline

We ask that all members (Parents & Swimmers) adhere to the following points:


(for the purposes of this document 'session' will be used to represent training sessions and competitions.)


  1. Do not drop off and leave your child / children before checking that the Coach has arrived and the 'session' is definitely taking place.

  2. All swimmers should arrive in sufficient time to allow for being changed and ready to be on poolside 5 minutes before the promoted 'session' start time. 15 minutes for competitions.

  3. Any swimmers arriving late without prior notice to the Coach will be refused entry to the 'session'.

  4. The clubs discipline policy starts on arrival at the ‘session’ and finishes when leaving.

  5. Any swimmer who shows poor attitude / behaviour will be given a warning by their coach, should a second warning be necessary they will then be asked to leave the pool. Anything deemed more serious by the coach will result in the swimmer being asked to leave the pool immediately - parents will be advised in all of the above cases.

  6. All breaches of club discipline will be reported to and recorded by the club secretary - cases will then be discussed at the next committee meeting.  Should any further action be necessary, both the swimmer and parents concerned will be notified. Committee members will also be reporting and recording any discipline issues, which they witness, or which are reported to them.

  7. Parents must not approach coaches on poolside during any training sessions to discuss discipline issues - this must be done after the session or at a previously agreed time. Parents must not approach any other club members over discipline issues - the club has a clearly laid down Code of Conduct, which contains the correct procedures. If any parent feels aggrieved by fellow club members actions, they must put their views / complaint in writing to the club secretary - they will then be investigated by the Committee.

  8. All swimmers must be aware of and comply with the clubs Anti Bullying Policy.



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