Club Kit

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Swimming Equipment

ALL swimmers in competitve squads should bring with them ALL the essential training equipment for every training session.  
These items include:

  • Kickboards

  • Pull Buoy

  • Swim Fins

  • Drinks Bottle

  • Spare Swim Hat

  • Spare Swim Goggles

  • Hand Paddles

  • Bands

  • Net Bag

If you also require Asthma Inhaler then please also bring this with you and inform your coach.

Details of these items and where to buy them email us at:

See the following link for CADS official supplier:

Pull Buoy

Pull buoys are useful primarily because they reduce the amount of large, sweeping kicks that swimmers usually make. 

Water Bottle

We have a stash of our very own CADS 1 litre Water Bottles.  You can get these from your squad representatives.

Kick Board

As swimmers advance, kickboards can help develop strength. Swimming is a multitasking sport. It uses breathing, arms, body position and kick.

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